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Daytona Beach Hash House Harriers (DBH3)

(Daytona Beach, FL, USA)         ADULT CLUB - over 21 please read

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devil Theorm:
Everyone Goes
to Hell!

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Gilligan The
Seven Deadly
Sins of
Gilligan's Island

Hotline: 386-322-2699


Founded 1988 by
Jammies the Toe Sucker
& High Beams

Words of wisdom from Jammies the
Toe Sucker
, as recalled by Speedy.
  What is this Hashing, anyway?

Wikipedia Explains Hashing

Articles in the Orlando Sentinel
on 2003-Mar-02  on 2004-Feb-28 

foot guitar CHAD logo
The Science Beat
 Masturbation Prevents Cancer!
Got Beer? Get Wood!
 Booze Reduces Erectile Dysfunction
Blow Cancer Away!
 Burping and Farting Prevent Cancer!


"The hours spent HASHING * are not
subtracted from a man's allotted time."


* auto hashing excluded

Hashing - Scientifically Validated!
Beer after Exercise Better then Water!
swear You F*CKING B*TCH!
"%&#$!" Makes You Feel Better!
swear Hashing through Nature
Makes You Nicer and More Caring!
"Evolution is a strange process indeed,
to cobble together organisms who so
completely and emotionally reject it."
Steve Mirsky, Scientific American 2011
party Partying
 Keeps you sharp and fit!

Our hashs are scheduled on every Wednesday and occasional Saturdays.
The Wednesday hashes are fairly short (3-3.5 miles). The Saturday hashes are longer (4-5 miles).

Shiggy Meter
Level 1:
In town trail - city streets, maybe some stairs and city squares.
Level 2: Urban, some off-road shouldn't need a dry bag.
Level 3: Some ready made paths & some trail blazing maybe wet.
Level 4: Mostly wooded trail blazing, could be fences, walls, homeless camps, garbage dumps, mud,
muck, broken glass, snakes, spiders, little furry animals, swamp & water you could wade through!!!!!
Level 5: Anything goes: briars, stinky mud that could keep your shoes, plenty of water -
some possibly over your head, beware of animals including snakes, possibly alligators,
over all one that you should have a trail buddy with you.

Running down Main Street - Bike Week Mar 5, 2011
Can you find yourself in this close up?
photos courtesy of Daytona Beach News-Journal

For dates and locations, see the East Central Florida Hash Calendar.
This includes the other East Centrial Florida Hash groups also
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Hash Theme Playing Cards

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DBH3 Logo Card Back

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Up and Cumming Major events:
Biketoberfest Red Dress 2016   Saturday 2016-Oct-15
Bike Week Campout 2017   Fri-Sun Mar 10-12

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